The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta - Meccamputechture

This song makes me feel wildly intoxicated.

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Radiohead-“How to Disappear Completely”

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Elliott Smith

Elliot Smith-“Needle in the Hay”

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Incubus-“Aqueous Transmission”

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The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta-“Cicatriz ESP”

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Brand New

Late Night Jam

Brand New-“Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis”

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Lee Morgan-“Yes I Can, No You Can’t”

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Kanye West

Kanye West-“Power”

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Bright Eyes

Late Night Jam

Bright Eyes-“Four Winds”

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Late Night Jam


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Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley-“Paint’s Peeling”

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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes-“Waste of Paint”

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The Decemberists

The Decemberists-“Summersong”

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Late Night Jam

Thrice-“Words in the Water”

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