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Nancy Sinatra

-Kickass Cover of the Day: Nancy Sinatra-“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: CHVRCHES-“Do I Wanna Know?”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Josie Charlwood-“Electric Feel”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Josie Charlwood-“Feel Good Inc.”-

To this day, I still have yet to bear witness to a cover of this or any song, really, that is at the level that she brings it on.

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-Kickass Cover Album of the Day: RGYDK-In Rainbows-

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-Kickass Remix of the Day: Lehnen-“Halls of the Summer”-

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-Kickass Drum Cover of the Day: Steve Padin (Reign of Kindo)-“Sonic the Hedgehog Themes”-

Everyone remembers the first game that made their thumbs blister and inevitably made them a lifelong gamer. For me, that was Sonic the Hedgehog. Released 23 years ago to the day, the first entry made an everlasting mark on me. Beating it when I was 4 years old landed itself amongst the early landmarks of my childhood up there with my first word (which was “balloon” if you were curious), my first steps, and everything beyond. I’m pretty sure it was one of the last entries in my baby book.

Sonic was the one that introduced me to platforming at the speed of hedgehog, taught me how to aggressively blow into cartridges (still haven’t determined the verdict on that), and made me fall head over heels in love with video game music. I’m pretty sure this game and its soundtrack is responsible for my first bouts of nostalgia.

Throughout the years, the franchise has seen its ups and its downs, with most of its mars happening in the post-Dreamcast era, but like most fans, I’ve kept up with some of the better titles for the sake of playing them, while keeping the first four titles closest to my heart. Even throughout the worst moments (why did there ever need to be a Sonic and friends at the Olympics), I will always look back fondly on those days of lying belly-down, face-first within inches of the television even if it meant my grandma yelling at me: “You’re going to ruin your eyes”. (I never did, grandma.)

Here at Aurally Speaking, we like to celebrate the marriage of video game and music as they are often crucial to one another. If not for the story or characters, it is oft the soundtrack itself that we find ourselves remembering most. To honor the anniversary of one of the most beloved franchises, here is a tremendous drum play-through from Steve Padin of the progressive rock act, Reign of Kindo, playing through themes from each level from the first game.

From the opening shot of his red sneakers reminiscent of all the early entries, to his spot on hits, Padin pays a glorious tribute here. He plays his way through syncopations, and styles ranging from latin and jazz to straight rock never missing his beat. The best part really, is how much fun he is having throughout the entirety of it. It is a great reminder of the joy the game brought, even if it is paired with the fruitless frustration of chasing Robotnik through harrowing levels.

If you’re a fan of the band or the franchise, set aside 5 minutes to watch this. You will find yourself awash with memories as strong as ever and searching frantically for your Genesis. This cover will definitely make you want to dust off the old system and controller.

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Mastodon-“A Commotion”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: John Mayer-“XO”-

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The Mutato Muzika Orchestra

-Kickass Cover of the Day: The Mutato Muzika Orchestra-“Hey Jude”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Wes Montgomery-“Eleanor Rigby”-

I’ve heard many incredible renditions of “Eleanor Rigby” over the years, but Wes Montgomery’s 1967 take has really stolen the crown for me. Never has a version rocked so hard while sounding so slick and smooth from start to finish. One listen really doesn’t do it justice.

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Death Cab For Cutie

-Kickass Cover of the Day: Death Cab For Cutie-“Love Song”-

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Her & Gold


I recently recorded a demo of my cover of The Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather at the 8123 studios with my friend Pat.  I’ve also been writing new songs and working on releasing those as soon as possible, but as always, everything takes time.  I wanted to share this with you since I haven’t been able to share any new music yet.  It’s currently only available to listen to via my Tumblr, so reblog and share with your friends :)

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Vitamin String Quartet-“New Year”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Yoshida Brothers-“Nabbed”-

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