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The Mutato Muzika Orchestra

-Kickass Cover of the Day: The Mutato Muzika Orchestra-“Hey Jude”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Wes Montgomery-“Eleanor Rigby”-

I’ve heard many incredible renditions of “Eleanor Rigby” over the years, but Wes Montgomery’s 1967 take has really stolen the crown for me. Never has a version rocked so hard while sounding so slick and smooth from start to finish. One listen really doesn’t do it justice.

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Death Cab For Cutie

-Kickass Cover of the Day: Death Cab For Cutie-“Love Song”-

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Her & Gold


I recently recorded a demo of my cover of The Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather at the 8123 studios with my friend Pat.  I’ve also been writing new songs and working on releasing those as soon as possible, but as always, everything takes time.  I wanted to share this with you since I haven’t been able to share any new music yet.  It’s currently only available to listen to via my Tumblr, so reblog and share with your friends :)

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Vitamin String Quartet-“New Year”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Yoshida Brothers-“Nabbed”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Rilo Kiley-“After Hours”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: FrankJavCee-“Genesis” (8-Bit)-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Evan Chapman-“Your Hand in Mine”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Between The Buried And Me-“Bicycle Race”-

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Arctic Monkeys-“Hold On, We’re Going Home”-

It’s hard to imagine how much downtime Alex Turner and company have had the past few weeks. What with the release of their critically-acclaimed album, AM, and kicking off a tour in support of it, being honored with the GQ Band of the Year award, being nominated for the Mercury Prize, and not to mention, playing one hell of a show at the iTunes Festival. But alas, they had enough time amidst their busy schedule to stop by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge to lay down a sultry cover of Drake’s latest single, "Hold On, We’re Going Home". Originally a synth-laden number with a throbbing backbeat, Arctic Monkeys transform it into a sensual crooner that would fit snugly amongst the other retro-inspired numbers on AM.

If you’ve been a fan for years or are just getting sucked into the tremendous swell of hype around the band recently, then be sure to check them out in a town near you and pick up AM today courtesy of Domino Records.

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Capital Children’s Choir-“Shake It Out”-

Reason #2,178,999 for why schools should be receiving funding for their music programs and not losing it. This is just phenomenal. Get your shit together, America.

Founded by Rachel Santesso in 2001, The Capital Children’s Choir has grown enormously from the small group of 10 girls it started with to well over a hundred whose ages range from 7 to 18. In their 12 years, they have received beaming acclaim from Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga, Florence Welch, and have even shared the stage with Rihanna and Anti-Flag, respectively.  

If you felt your jaw hit the ground as many times as I did in the five minute breadth of this video, then waste no time in checking out the rest of the London-based choir’s work over at their Facebook. You surely won’t be disappointed.

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Feist-“Lover’s Spit”-

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-Kickass Mashup of the Day: Aaliyah vs. Gotye-“Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled cover for the day to raise you one incredible mashup instead. Please hold all skepticism until the end to fully allow your mind to be adequately blown.

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Vitamin String Quartet-“Stubborn Love”-

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