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LMFAO Cover of the Day: After months of rearranging, 18-year-old Noah finally figured out how best to cover LMFAO’s “Sexy & I Know It” — and his rendition has just been named the day’s trending video by NBC’s Today show. You can almost see him blushing as he shares his big news with fans on Facebook and Twitter. Pretty obvious what’s going on here — Noah’s sexy and he doesn’t know it.


Wow, what a voice! Definitely impressed right now.

-Kickass Cover of the Day: Noah Guthrie-“Sexy and I Know It”-

Wow, this cover is incredible. Totally digging his choice of arrangement and those killer vocals. When I hit play, I didn’t expect him to sound as awesome as he did, but I guess it goes to show that you should never dare to judge a book by its cover.

Way to slay it, Noah!

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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon-“Sexy and I Know It”-

Even if you’re not a fan of LMFAO, this video is well worth the watch just because you get to hear Bruce sing “I’m in a speedo trying to tan my cheeks”. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time. 

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