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-Kickass Cover of the Day: Metric-“Always On My Mind”-

Metric capped off the month of July with the Australian leg of their Synthetica Tour. While passing through they stopped by the infamous Triple J Studios to lay down a few unplugged tracks for the show’s cover segment “Live A Version”. Metric are no strangers to the segment as they did a killer cover of The Strokes “The End Has No End” for it while touring back in 2009 for their Fantasies’ Tour.

Metric opened up the segment with a stark and stirring acoustic rendition of the new album’s title track "Synthetica". They suitably transitioned into their subtly melancholic cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”. Emily Haines and guitarist James Shaw have quite the repertoire of stunning acoustic performances under their belt and this one strives to stand out as one of the most gripping ones.

If you are a big fan of Metric’s newest album Synthetica, then you can catch Metric touring in stateside support of it in the upcoming days. Be sure to check out the dates here if it really piques your interests. C’mon now, don’t be bashful.

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Hitting Shelves: June 12, 2012

  • Architecture In Helsinki-Like It Or Not (Buy/Stream)
  • Bouncing Souls-Comet (Buy/Stream)
  • Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band-One of My Kind [Vinyl] (Buy)
  • Empires-Garage Hymns (Buy/Stream)
  • Grace Potter-The Lion, The Beast, The Beat (Buy/Stream)
  • Jimmy Fallon-Blow Your Pants Off (Buy/Stream)
  • Jukebox the Ghost-Safe Travels (Buy/Stream)
  • Metric-Synthetica (Buy/Stream)
  • Motion City Soundtrack-Go (Buy/Stream)
  • Rush-Clockwork Angels (Buy)
  • Usher-Looking 4 Myself (Buy/Stream)

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Late Night Jam

Metric-“Artificial Nocturne”

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Late Night Jam

Metric-“Speed The Collapse”

Metric just released to us a second track off their upcoming album, Synthetica. Entitled “Speed The Collapse”, the track follows in the footsteps of the previously released "Youth Without Youth" leading us through a dark back drop of downtempo drums, spacey tremoloing, and misty noir inspired key tones.

If “Speed The Collapse” is any indication, Synthetica is going to be an intriguing chapter of their discography both sonically and narratively. Be sure to check it out when it releases on June 12th.

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Check Out a New Track from Metric Titled “Youth Without Youth”

If you haven’t heard yet, Metric is set to self-release their fourth and latest LP Synthetica on June 12th. The above track, “Youth Without Youth”, is the first single off it and is described by Haines as “a generous helping of 70’s sleaze”. Backed by steady, heavy drums and a haze of swirling synths, the track tells the story of social decay through the eyes of a depraved child and her eventual evolution to a malaise-ridden adult. 

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